So it is

Everyone has a voice

Equitable Partnerships require smart and inclusive facilitation. This blog explains how Perspectivity’s approaches help me in supporting such partnerships. Are we really listening to each … Read more

Mindset Matters

How does it feel to be a Ugandan director of an NGO running budgets of millions of Euros, and a programme officer in Europe is … Read more

Juicy Mangoes

A mango! That’s how one participant described her organisation’s partnership in the session of the Strategic Partnership Lab, hosted by Partos on 24 February. Mangoes … Read more

Traveling Together

The #shiftthepower movement advocates for more community-led development. In the Partos Strategic Partnerships Lab we take stock of its practical implementation. It is a journey … Read more

The Trust Ladder

Working together demands trust. Robert Lynch and Paul Lawrence introduce the Trust Ladder. A few of their concepts are fascinating. Are you defending your own … Read more

People know what they need

In my student days, one of my professors told me to read Robert Chambers – Rural Development, Putting the Last First. At the time, Chambers … Read more