2023-24: Reviewing Operating Models of Country, Regional and Global presence against the backdrop of TdH’s new strategy and equitable partnering ambition

2023: Reviewing and facilitating equitable partnership between DAHW Germany and GLRA India

2023-24: Supporting DRA Joint Response Teams in Syria, Yemen, Ethiopia in developing equitable partnership approaches

2022-23: Supporting a multi-year trajectory on Decolonisation of Aid and Shift the Power in 11.11.11 and its members

2022-23-24: Support multi-annual trajectory to develop IRC International Network covering 9 countries

2022: Support to strengthen the international KNCV Network covering 12 countries.

2022-23: Supporting the localisation / partnership process of DAHW Germany and Red Aid Nigeria

2022: Supporting the We are able! consortium of 7 organisations to implement shift the power.

2022: facilitating 3 Partos Strategic-Partnerships-lab sessions. In 2021 I contributed to the Shift the Power Dreampaper.

2023: Facilitating a dialogue trajectory on Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning between Strategic Partnerships and Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2021/22/23: Facilitating workshops, inspiration and strategic sessions at several NGOs.

From 2015 to 2021 I worked for Leprastichting (NLR, until No Leprosy Remains) as a Director of Programmes. I developed and led the transition from a central organisation with branches into an international alliance of independently functioning NGOs.

From 2018 to 2021 I chaired DCDD, which is a coalition of 13 organisations and 18 individuels who lobby and learn for inclusion of people with a disability.

Workshop facilitation and external reflection with Liliane Fonds in 2017/18 in their preparation for the international inclusion network Linc. Getting to a shared ‘Why’ of the network was an important element.

From 2009 to 2014 I established and managed ICCO’s Regional Office Southern Africa and 3 Country Offices. It led to more Southern influence and ownership by employing regional staff and an Advisory Council with opinion leaders based in Southern Africa.